Hardback Book Lamp- Raintree County

    Hardback Book Lamp- Raintree County

    With it's bold color and golden illustration, this book really stands out. The stunning quad loop bulb almost mirrors the beautiful tree illustration.

    This lamp plugs into any wall outlet. Use it by your bedside, on the coffee or end table, or anywhere that could you some vintage inspiration. This vibrant book lamp is the perfect reading companion. It features a reproduction Edison style bulb (25W Nostalgic Loop).

    Please note: Due to the nature of upcycled books, the texture / wear of the book may vary.

    Book Featured: "Raintree County" by Ross Lockridge, Jr .1948

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    Price: $150.00


    Height: 3
    Width: 8.5
    Depth: 6

    Additional Description

    **All components used to make this lamp are UL Listed, even though this unique piece is not UL Listed.