Hardback Book Lamp Rich Man Poor Man

    Hardback Book Lamp Rich Man Poor Man

    Use this lamp as a reading companion, or a conversation piece in your living room. It's subtle texture fits well with any style, and will always stand out amongst it's surroundings. The filament bulb gives it an authentic and homely feel that is simply irresistible.

  • Book featured: "Rich Man, Poor Man" by Janet Ayer Fairbank.
  • Authentic cotton covered wire in brown for the cloth-covered look
  • Black plug
  • Includes Squirrel Cage Edison Bulb (your choice of 30W or 60W)
  • Please specify whether you would like the 30W or 60W Squirrel Cage Edison Bulb. If you would prefer another bulb, please have a look at our Bulb Selection Guide

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