Driftwood Lamp - Carbon Filament

    Driftwood Lamp - Carbon Filament

    This driftwood lamp blends raw weathered nature with modern electricity (modern being early 1900s). This carbon filament bulb makes for the perfect reading light, or desk mate. It's the perfect addition to any area and instantly brings inspiration and charm.

    The driftwood was collected in the Sierra's of California/Nevada beside a lake called "Lundy Lake", which happened to be owned by Edison Energy company. Because it was not a protected forest area, I felt it was ok to take a few pieces of driftwood :)

    The lamp uses a 15W carbon filament bulb (other bulbs available if you'd like). These bulbs are very expensive, burn hot, and don't give off much light, BUT THEY LOOK AMAZING!! The lamp sits very nice, and has a cord switch for on/off control. I will include a few other bulb options (globe / frosted globe etc.) with the sale, but if you would like a different 'fancy' bulb, please message me.

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